A Portrait Session With Michelle - Make Your Client Comfortable In-front of the Camera

Last week I had the privilege of working with Michelle on a portrait session. A very humbling experience as just a few minutes into it I discovered that she runs 5k's, skydives, and climbs mountains (Quite Literally) like Mt kilimanjaro. Moral of the story is to connect with your client, It helps them relax in front of the camera especially if they just met you for the first time.

Lets face it, your clients are going to be nervous. Maybe its their first time in front of the camera on a professional level, or they are unsure how to pose, or maybe they feel awkward. A lot of photographers have their own way of connecting with a client. I tend to give a lot of high fives, tell really bad jokes, and embarras myself just a little bit. Anything you can to help them feel more comforable and loosen them up will make your photographs that much better.